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Funny Billiard Team Names for Pool Leauge


Funny Billiard names for pool league


Looking for names for your new Pool Team? Look no further we have compiled a funny list of names to choose from. If you do happen to need Custom t-shirts for your team we can help you with that also. It's easy to design a t-shirt on our website.


Creating a name for anything in life is very important. So we understand that when it comes to creating a name for your league team that you want only the best. 



Billard Team name List


  1. Cue Tips
  2. Ball Breakers
  3. Long Rods
  4. Big Sticks
  5. Ball Scratchers
  6. Big Balls
  7. Money Shots
  8. Sticks and Stones
  9. Rail Riders
  10. Cue Girls
  11. Pool Sharks
  12. Life Guards
  13. Gold Fish
  14. Chaulk it up
  15. Hot sticks


What is Billiards?


Billiards is a game that is played with a Table, sticks, and balls. In North American, the game is also known as pool. Today we know the game as Pool and it was created in the 15th century. 


It has been played by Kings, Presidents and other high ranking people in society. In the 18th century, the game was greatly improved. Starting with its table. It was considered a gentlemen's game that you were able to place bets on while in cigar lounges. 


Let us know what you think about this list. If you need shirts for your pool league shirts let us know. 


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    Thomas seaver:
    07/24/2019, 09:50:07 PM

    My team had to split up and trying to find a new name any help would be appreciated. There team name is “come get some” looking for something to go with that lol

    Alan Doty:
    08/05/2019, 02:40:14 PM

    Went and Got Some

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