Best facebook ads

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Best FaceBook Ads



So you have most likely seen the sponsored ads on Facebook scrolling down your timeline. Today we are going to tell you how you can run your own ads.


In the Beginning, Facebook ads were great. Around 2010-2013 Facebook ads were affordable for small businesses across the world. You were able to get engagement on ads for pennies. Today it will cost you a lot more unless you are sponsoring a post that has gone viral. On average a like or engagement will cost you around $0.27- $7.00. You get cheaper engagement if you keep them on Facebook without a link going back to your website. 


To get the best bang for your buck you will want to use it for brand awareness to those that already like your Facebook business page. If you have a really cool video or funny meme you should also sponsor the post in hopes that it will go viral. Once it goes viral you will be paying pennies for engagement.


We recommend to only boost post with your followers if:


  • You are having a great sale 
  • You are having an event 
  • You have something funny to share
  • You have a message you want your followers to know


I personally do not think it is worth trying to reach new people with Facebook ads anymore. The clicks are just too expensive. You can find something better to do with your advertising money.


Some marketers are still doing great with their ads. You may have noticed the sponsored post with a custom t-shirt saying things like "greatness was made in a certain year." This post they usually target your birthday or you will see someone else sharing it which is helping them make the post go viral which will cut down on how much they will spend on ads.


So are Facebook ads worth the money? 


Sometimes but overall No. Why pay to show people who follow you already on Facebook. Your post should be shown to them anyway. Facebook limits your post so you can pay for advertising.

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