T-shirt Printing

T-shirt Printing

Our Primary Method of printing is Direct to Garment Printing aka DTG Printing aka Digital Printing. We Print directly onto the t-shirt using industrial and commercial printers. Learn more about Dtg printing We also Provide Screen Printing. Screen Printing is great for 1 color large quantity jobs. 

Above is an example photo of what a DTG Printer may look like. There are lots of different Brands etc that we go over in our Blog post. What is the Best DTG Printer

Our main office is located Fayetteville NC. We specialize in printing custom t-shirts.

What is so Special about us?

We offer options that others don't. Use your creative skills and design your shirts on our website using our free online design software. You even have the options to upload your photos and logos. But wait, there is more below.

  • No Minimum orders

       Some other t-shirt printing companies will want you to purchase a minimum amount of shirts. If you haven't noticed yet, we are definitely not like other companies. You can order just 1 t-shirt from us. We want everyone to be able to get custom shirts from us. So if you are in need of a quick gift or have an unexpected circumstance requiring you to wear a custom shirt. We have you covered. Some companies list insanely low prices but want you to get 1000 shirts. If you are not hosting the super bowl why would you need 1000 t-shirts? We list insane low prices for normal customers that can actually order them. Some of our deals along with screen printing we may have a minimum for you to achieve even lower pricing. Catch those specials while you can. 

  • No Screen Fee

            When you are inquiring about t-shirt printing services you will always want to ask about screen fees. We do not charge you a screen fee but others will. Screen fees can add up. Some companies charge $20-$50 a screen. Each color usually requires you to pay for another screen. If your image has 10 colors the price could be $500 before you even get the shirts printed. Don't worry we have you covered. No Screen fees from us.


  • No Setup Fee

            We don't charge you a setup fee for DTG Printing because we do not require you to turn your image into a vector file for us to print. We also have design software on our website for you to create your own high-quality shirt using high-quality images. Our images in our software are all vectors. So you can expand them without the loss of quality. We also have made the ability for you to upload your own logos and or designs. We can use PNG, JPG, and SVG files. If you are inquiring about screen printing then there may be a setup fee if you are not submitting a Vector file.

  • Unlimited Colors in your artwork.

       You can add an unlimited amount of colors in your artwork. We print full color. So that means you can add photos or any other image you can find. The best part is the price will be the same regardless of how many colors unless the specific product states that it is limited. We take pride in offering these features. Photos on shirts are great for family reunion shirts and memorial shirts.

Our T-shirts start at only $4.99

We use 100% cotton Ringspun Preshrunk T-shirts. They cost us more than what other t-shirt printers like offering to keep their prices down but the ringspun print quality is like day and night. The Brand of shirt we use depends on what we have in stock unless the brand is stated for the specific product you choose. We also have different weight T-shirts. The lighter the weight usually the more expensive. We have 4.4, 5.3 and 6.1-ounce t-shirts. The weights will vary based on what we have in stock. If you are ordering quantities of 50 or more we may be able to let you choose which weight shirts you would like.

Your Artwork

When uploading your logos you will want your image to use the following file format for the best quality prints.

  1. 200 DPI
  2. Transparent Back Ground
  3. PNG FILE or JPG (note JPG files will not have a transparent background. There will be a background color) 

Learn more using the following link to our blog post. We will teach you how to get the best T-shirt printing graphic dimensions.

DTG Print Area

Print Area is around 10 x 12 for full size

Print Area is around  3  x  3 for a chest print

Screen Print Area

Print Area is around 10 x 10 for full size but up to 11 x 14 for over size prints.

Print Area is around  3  x  3 for chest print

Add-On Services.

We offer add-on printing services such as 

  • Rush Order Printing

    We have rush order options available for those that want their custom t-shirts printed quickly. We can print as quick as 1 hour. The rush order options raise the price of the items you need to be printed. It is best to plan out beforehand when getting custom items printed. The more time the better and it will be cheaper for your pockets.

  • High-Resolution Printing

    We offer high-resolution printing for those that want to get the most out of their artwork. Our printers are capable of printing 1440 x1440 dpi. Our normal without high resolution is still good at 720 x 720. What also comes along with the high-resolution package is we pretreat light shirts that don't use white ink. This will give you great wash-ability and make your prints more vibrant. The pre-treat also helps with laying down fibers so the ink adheres better. 

  • Retail Packaging

    With our retail packaging option, we add your custom printed shirt into a Clear plastic back and seal it off using heat. This gives your item a more professional look and also adds some protection against postal workers. This option is great and recommended for Gifts and those selling these shirts. 

  • Back Ground Removal

    We have added a free background removal feature that will work but it is not the best. You will want to upload your items that have been professionally designed and saved with a transparent background in a PNG file. If this is not possible, then you can use this Background removal option and we will remove your white background from your image.

T-shirt printing Washing instructions

Click here to learn How to care for Custom Printed T-shirts

Wholesale Pricing

You may have noticed that our prices are extremely low. We have discounts for everyone. If you are getting a quantity of 50 each or 100 each The discount is automatically applied. You can be just an individual ordering shirts with plans of starting your own clothing line and Military, Religious Groups, Clubs, Small and large businesses, Clubs, Bands, Artist etc. We have you covered. Others T-shirt printing prices may start at $25-$30 but not here. As you can see above our normal pricing is even considered wholesale pricing.

Click here for Wholesale DTG Printing

Check out some DTG Products

We have multiple products to choose from for our DTG PRINTING software. you can find them below. We also sale Blank apparel for those that do not need t-shirt printing.

Click here for Cheap DTG Printing Products

Click here for Screen Printing Pricing

We have added screen printing to one of our methods of printing T-shirts. We use plasitol inks and also now have specialty inks such as glitter. These inks are have been tested by multiple 3rd parties and have been proven to last the life of your apparel. Screen printing is great for 1 color print jobs along with large quantities. We also have a special going with screen printed shirts. Get your back image along with a small same color logo on the front for the same price.

Some of the brands that we carry include, Hanes,Gildan,Color Comforts,Fruit of the Loom, Anvil, District, Spectra Tees, American Apparel, LAT Apparel, Keya USA, Cotton Heritage, New Era, Nike, Adidas, Port & Company, Port Authority, Sports Tek, Precious Cargo, District and more.

Although our office is located in Fayetteville NC, Towns, and cities near us can receive 1-day shipping or pick up your items from the store. Surrounding Local Areas that are can save on shipping and pick up from the store. Raeford NC, Hope Mills NC, Rockingham NC, Aberdeen NC, Cameron NC, Dunn NC, Springlake NC, Lumberton NC, St Pauls NC, Sanford NC. There are more towns that we may have missed. Feel free to use google maps to check on the distance from our location.

Why Choose Need T-shirts Now?

Free Account

Create a Free Account to save your custom T-shirt designs

Free T-shirt Design

Design Your Custom Shirt on our website not only Free but Easy and Fast. Create a Free T-shirt Mockup and save it or share on social media.

We have the Lowest Prices

Custom T-shirts Starting at only $7.99 each with NO MINIMUM. If you find custom t-shirts this price anywhere else let us know ASAP.


We specialize in T-shirt Rush Orders. So its no surprise we have a 1-hour t-shirt printing option at checkout.

Fast Shipping Methods

We have the Fastest T-shirt Shipping methods available to choose from. You might as well say we offer t-shirt printing near you. 


We use Eco-Friendly Water Based Inks for DTG Printing. Most of the T-shirts that we use for dtg printing are 100% cotton.

No Minimum Orders

No Minimum Orders. We specialize in printing any amount of t-shirts. We can print event shirts, business shirts, birthday shirts, Team shirts, Individual Shirts, and more.

Custom T-shirt APP

We have Custom T-shirt apps for both Android and IOS. Create a T-shirt Design and share the t-shirt mockup with your friends and family. Our T-shirt Design app is FREE.