What are Heat Press transfers

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Heat Press Transfers


Heat press Transfers are used for printing on t-shirts hats and other materials. There are several types of transfers that are used.


There are several types of heat transfer materials that can be used for t shirt printing. These materials can be pressed on different types of fabrics. Some of the fabrics can be 100% cotton, polyester and also jersey material. 


The different types of Heat Transfer Films


  • Plastisol Transfers
  • Vinyl Transfers
  • Inkjet heat transfers
  • Laser printer transfers
  • Sublimation Transfers
  • Rhinestone Transfers


Plastisol Transfers


Plastisol Transfers are film that has been screen printed on. These transfers make it easy to print your shirts on demand without the need to have a huge screen printing press around. They also can be press on the shirt in less than 10 secs. You get the same quality as screen printing without the need to clean up a mess. These transfers can be printed on nylon, cotton, or polyester. 


Vinyl Transfers


Vinyl Transfers are good for printing on uniforms. They are also good when you want to add glitter or a metallic like effects on your shirts. If you need numbers on the back of jerseys these also make good transfers to use. They can be used on cotton, vinyl, and spandex.


InkJet and Laser Transfers


Not the best choice when it comes to quality. You usually find that places like the mall and flea markets or swapmeets love this method. It is cheap and they can print them quickly in full color. Perfect for when a customer wants an image from their phone on the custom t shirt. These can be printed on 100% cotton. I would stay away from these and use dtg printing method for better quality. You can find also find some people picking up a pack of transfer paper from Walmart or Target and ironing them on by using an iron. 


Sublimation Transfers


These produce great quality. The only downfall is that they can only be printed on Light color polyester. They can be used on t-shirts, socks and phone cases. These transfers are usually used for all over prints. 


Rhinestone Transfers


If you are looking for the bedazzled effect these transfers are good. You will be able to use these transfers on both cotton and polyester. 


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